To The Girl In The Mirror

To The Girl In The Mirror

Hey, girl in the mirror…

A few years from now, a lot of things will make a lot more sense than they do now. Try not to think too many lofty thoughts in your tiny head with all your quiet time – and those are a lot by the way. Try not to try to figure everything out right now. Life was meant to unfold before you each day so that gratitude and variety and moments could be more meaningful.

‘’You are too skinny”

”Your eyes are too big”

”You are too quiet”

”You are a very pretty girl”

You are too smart’’

Yada yada yada… Realize, girl in the mirror that what anyone thinks or says of you will mean nothing compared to what you think and say of yourself. Find your soul and heart and embrace her. Hold her tightly and nurture her. Consciously watch her grow into the woman that you would want to be.

pablo-1One day, beauty will start to mean so many different things to different people. Never let the glitter on your lids or the flick of your lashes become your definition of beauty. Beauty is an evergreen state of the heart transcending the bulge of your eyes and the lankiness of your limbs.

Who says you need to forfeit your dreams of being a model to focus on building a worthwhile career and making money? Or your dreams of making dresses, for becoming a doctor? Truth is, a few years down the line, you will come to realize that the money isn’t truly what you seek – what we all seek. It is the fulfillment that it seems to bring, the sense of purpose and accomplishment that it seems to portray. And if you find to do with your hands, what your heart swells with a sense of purpose to do, you never need to worry about where your next meal will come from. Or where you will lay your head. There is a lot of capacity for different things burning in your heart and who says you can’t do them all? Push yourself. Find the right kind of friends and encourage each other towards your goals. Your life will make a whole lot of sense to you if you are happy doing what you do.

Family is everything. Never forget that. Reach out and learn to know them individually. Let friendship and life bond you together in ways that transcends blood ties. Live each moment like it’s your last because you never know where life will take you and how far away it will take you from them. Learn that your parents are humans too and are flawed just as you are. So why it is expected that they provide and protect and nurture you and your brother and sisters, you will come to know that they need to be nurtured, protected and provided for too. Respect your parents; disagree with them politely.

A time will come when you will no longer need to fight to have your way. You will just have two mature people discussing how to make life better for each other.

Make them proud of who you become. Whatever your hand finds to do, remember that the effects of our actions do not always begin and end with us. Make certain you do not leave a lot of negative afterglow that affects those close to you.

Learn. Read. There is no end to learning, girl in the mirror. You will work at a place where you realize that a little knowledge about a wide range of subjects come in really handy. Study to show yourself approved, the Holy Book says. And it will be still  true in years to come as it is now. With great learning comes great wisdom and with that should come great humility. Never ever assume you have learnt it all. For the day that you do, you will stop growing. Be forever a student; listening, watching, observing. You never know where your next lesson will come from or who it will be from.

Boys will come and go and then men will. But guard your heart fiercely, girl in the mirror . Guard your heart with your life, jealously like you have no other -for you don’t.  If you don’t, you’ll grow to become a cynic – believing the worst of love just because you never learned it wholly.

Get intimate with your creator. There will be days when you will not feel any bit of connection with the person starring back in the mirror. There will be days when you will look her in the eye and wonder who is gazing back at you. When this happens, there is no one who can help you bridge this gap but the One who made you. If you do not know his heartbeat, how can you find yours especially when you miss a beat?

Periods are evil (not really, but…). It’s something you will get used to, yes. But you will also need to get used to the fact that you will feel like pulling your hair out three out of the four or five days; you will want to lock yourself up in a room and watch movies under your duvet; you will have to get used to snapping at everyone four or five days out of the four or five days while it lasts. And you will want it over as soon as it starts but hey, it never ends now, does it? Oh…I forgot to tell you. There’s something called ”meno-pause”. The name kinda explains what it means. But I’m sure you will learn about it in school someday. As you would so many other things you never imagined were taught in class rooms.

Smile at people, everyone, while you still can. Strangers, friends, acquaintances. There’s nothing a warm smile cannot soften. And a day will come when it will become more tasking to let go of a smile; when life becomes less innocent than what you are used to now.

pabloLook in the mirror and do everything in your power daily to find and know the person who is staring back at you like you will know your make up someday. Again, love her fiercely and guard her heart jealously. Find out what she wants out of life, out of her associations with people, what gives her a sense of purpose, happiness, and love. There’s a lot to learn, I know. Yet a lot of reward for the knowledge gained. And you have the time!

Remember not to settle for less than you want. You can have all you dreamed of and even more, yes it is possible. Live outside your head and talk all you can now. A time will come when finding the right words for certain situations and people will truly be frustrating.

Again, without trying to sound like a broken record, love the girl in the mirror fiercely, and guard her heart jealously. The woman she becomes tomorrow is strongly tied to these two things.



Love, The Quiet One

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