Till Debt Do Us Part

Till Debt Do Us Part

Lara and Emeka met during her national youth service scheme in Lagos where she was serving at an advertising firm as a content developer. He was one of the clients her company had worked with when they wanted to do some re-branding for his event planning business which was suffering at that time. With help from her team, they had come up with a project that not only put him out there amongst the big names in his field, but also had him smiling to the bank more than he had in the last few months.

He thought she was pretty smart; she thought he was very determined and goal driven and definitely good looking. A year and a few months down the line, he popped the big question and it was an ecstatic Lara who said yes.

For the first few months, Lara felt like she was living in the clouds; everything seemed so perfect. Well, nearly perfect. Asides from the fact that her husband had become quite cranky of late. Something she could not really grasp; he seemed a pretty jolly-good-fellow kind of person all the while they dated. What Lara did not know was that her newly-wed husband was grappling with a lot of debt he had incurred from their wedding ceremony. 5 months down the line and he had not even cleared a quarter of his debt. She wanted a lavish wedding, yes. Only because she assumed he was wealthy enough to foot the bills. She was distraught then, when she learnt not only about the debt but the volume of debt he had plunged the new family into in barely five months!

Here is a story that resonates with a lot of newly-weds and about-to-weds at this time. From the lavish proposals to pre-wedding shoots and the wedding ceremony itself, we all seem to be in a constant rat-race to out-do the last wedding in town much to the detriment of our finances.

The Holy Book says that someone who finds a wife finds a good thing, however he who sells his coat and peace of mind to make the wife of his dreams his and to impress his/her family and friends, is looking for big trouble.

Why start the foundation of your home on sleepless nights and ignoring calls from debtors? Or taking a different route to work because you cannot pass your friend’s house in the morning out of fear and panic over unsettled debts? Why build your home on the avoidable burdens of debts for a one day ceremony that everyone will probably forget when the next big one happens?






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