Proverbs 31; Verses For A King.

Proverbs 31; Verses For A King.

A man of godly character who can find?

His worth is far above diamonds.

His wife has full confidence in him and she lacks for nothing. He brings her good and not harm all the days of his life.

He is like a wise man; sowing his seed on many waters for he knows not where his harvest lies.

He gets up at dawn to set his family right on his knees.

He acknowledges that he is not the head in his home; that there is yet an authority that he must submit to.

And he is not proud to take heed to do this.

He sees that his seeds bring forth fruits and works diligently at whatever his hands find to do.

images (14)When times are rough and despair is in the air; he wraps his family in the promises of his master.

He sets a banner of love over his household.

So their hearts are aflame with hope and they can trust in better days to come.

He is a helper to the helpless; a refuge for the despised. He is like a breath of fresh air in a stale and decaying world.

He is wrapped in splendor and clothed in humility.

His wife is envied in every corner.

Wherever she goes, longing stares trail her path. He rises and calls her blessed, he fills her heart and spirit as long as he lives.

His words are sound instruction to his offspring and they sing the praises of their mother. So they rise and call her blessed. He oversees the affairs of his household; not passively leaving all there is to be done to her.

His children adore and revere him and he is a sturdy crown of glory on her head. They can laugh at days to come because a three stranded cord isn’t easily broken.

Many are men rich and famous, but your nobility surpasses them all.

Your fame transcends the boundaries of time.

Charm is deceptive; riches are fleeting; suaveness is vain. But a man who fears the Lord is to be honored.

Give him the reward he deserves and let the lives he has blessed tell forth his fame and sing his praise for all eternity.

Love, The Quiet One.

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