Part Two; Waka-dugbe Syndrome.

Part Two; Waka-dugbe Syndrome.

Hello everyone! Welcome back to NTQO! This piece is a continuation of the thoughts expressed here about moving to and living in Lagos for close to 2 years now. I am not a tourist or a tour guide but I did make it a point of duty to visit new places every now and then, attend events and generally just explore as much of Lagos as I can. Now, for me this is serious business. I love my room! A lot! I also love my books and novels and my laptop too. But here I am in the social and economic hub of the nation and my waka-dugbe fire has been ignited.

Waka-dugbe is an informal slang for someone who is constantly on the move or hopping from one place to another to visit friends and family, attend events, see new places, and everything else. Like I implied earlier, I naturally do not have waka-dugbe tendencies but hey, I am in Lagos and that has to count in some way to trump any natural introverted tendencies, right? I like to think of myself as an extroverted introvert to a certain extent. Well, being here for a while has. So today, I will be sharing a few personal adventures on how to be a successful waka-dugbe in Lagos and have fun while doing so.

Google is your friend; Like literally. There are some places I’ve been to in Lagos that I discovered on the internet or via social media channels. And because I hate surprises and not having a workable plan, I go on to read reviews, visit the websites of these places and get a general idea of what the fun catch of the place is and whether I really want to expend my energy going there or not. Sites like this go on to help you see reviews from people who have been there, their experiences and to prepare you for the best or worst. Which brings me to a very important point number 2:


There is no fun place in Lagos if you go with the wrong people. It is that simple. No matter how lovely and breath-taking a place is, if you do not have the right people to enjoy the moments and scenery with, it will just be another place you’ve been to ticked off you list. It’s even best to go someplace alone and make new friends than to go with the wrong crowd.

Your adventure is not complete in Lagos without some adrenaline rush. I went to the Lekki Conservation Center with a friend of mine and despite my fear of heights, I took a walk across the 401 meters canopy walk which was over 25 feet up the forest floor at its topmost height! That’s the scariest thing I’ve ever done! But I loved it – well, afterwards. From those to  cart races to water skiing and boat rides across the vast water bodies present in Lagos, take some time and do some of the scary stuff.

There’s nothing that bonds any better than good food. Make sure your waka takes you somewhere where good food is served. Keep in mind that expensive does not always equal tasty. I’ll choose tasty anytime, really. I also always re-visit places where the service is good – promptness, polite and attentive staff and excellent damage control in case things go south.

Uber to the rescue! I think Uber is the best thing to happen in Lagos since sliced bread! I am not an Uber brand ambassador, although the thought of that is very comforting. No car to move around and no strength for our razz public transport buses, ”request an Uber!” However at this point, I must warn that the charges could be pricey especially if you are trying to get across from the island to the mainland or vice versa. But the comfort of booking a ride and the ride itself, the over-enthusiasm of the drivers to please make every penny worth it. Trust me.

Make sure you have a camera to capture all the beautiful scenery and moments of your trip. It is of utmost importance not just so you can share on your social media accounts and stuff like that but majorly to build memories that will keep you going long after the strength and time to tour Lagos has gone.


In all, you only live once right? I am trying to  make the most of it and have fun while at it. And I enjoin you to do the same. Here’s to a beautiful month of August ahead for all of us and to more Lagos waka!


Love, The Quiet One.


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