On Becoming.

On Becoming.

Let’s get straight into today’s post, shall we?

On purpose; When you find that one thing that causes your heart to glow when you are at it, regardless of mental or physical stress, never stop doing it. And while at it, make some money. “The skills of a man makes way for him.” (Proverbs 22:29) Keep at it!

On spirituality; I strongly believe that when God made us, he put in us a deep yearning for something/someone/some place higher than us. Mainly so we can reach out to him. And so we try different ways and things to fill this void. You cannot put a square peg in a round hole and anticipate complete fit. Live beyond the physical, that’s who you are made of. Everything in your life cannot consist of physical material things that fade away. Let your soul come alive. Give, care, love, encourage, believe, hope, fill, nurture! Let your spirit soar!

On family; My family has been my everything and rightly so. Beyond the blood and name ties, families are born for adversity. Through highs and lows, hell and back, ups and downs, they love you in all their knowledge and understanding of the person you are – good or bad. In spite of their uniquely rough patches and in spite of the good, bad and plain ugly phases, for most part, we can agree that there is no place like home. Home is where your heart is, home is in the smiling faces and unity in purpose and commitment. Home is the deep laughter echoing long after the distance strikes. Home are the memories that bring you smiles on a rough day. Home is naked and completely accepted and loved in all your rawness and originality. Home is!

On relationships;

People come, people go, people stay. It’s a continuous cycle. Regardless of whatever reasons behind the constant movement, enjoy the ones in your life now, here, in this moment. Allow them serve their purpose in your life while you serve yours in theirs. And when it’s time to say goodbye, let them go on to their futures so you can too.

Sometimes we dwell too much on lost friendships and relationships that didn’t turn out a happy ever after that we loose the chance to enjoy and be in the new ones that have come our way. It’s never a place that we miss, it’s the people who made the place memorable. We never really miss our houses, it’s our home, the people, that we miss.

We never really remember events and incidents, it’s the moments with the people in our lives that we don’t forget. Embrace the newness. Enjoy the moment! Be!

On becoming

On love; Love is a four letter word. Is it? If only I could see love from the inventor’s eyes! If only we could! We give love so we can get it back, we love so we can be loved in return. We love hoping that they love us back and we get mad and hurt and bitter when they don’t. Love gives. Just gives. Love is open. Love is liberal. Love is beautiful. Love is life. Love never fails. Love doesn’t keep record of wrongs. Love is not proud. Love isn’t anxious and demanding. Love is eternal. Love is!

On life; We aren’t going to get out of it alive so we might as well make all our conscious hours and moments count. Live!

On gratitude; There is a thin line between a healthy esteem and arrogance. A very thin line. I believe gratitude is one key factor that keeps us within the confines of a healthy self esteem. Be grateful. For everything. This is his will for all of us. This sense of entitlement and pride we have towards life and what we have, it’s meaningless. We are not always dealt with what we deserve in this life and it’s a good thing we aren’t. There are a lot of beautiful things we have that we’ve done absolutely nothing to deserve. Be thankful!

On new beginnings; Marriage, having a baby, a new job, a new house, loosing a loved one, changing career paths, there is always a lot of trepidation when we face something new. Be it good or bad, we are consciously calculating the outcomes of every new decision or place or person. We may be scared that it may not be as good as the former. We may be worried about things even going haywire or taking a completely different turn but then, normal is boring. The little turns and pitfalls and flat tyres that need changing and stop overs, these are what makes a journey memorable. Embrace change!


On the future; One step at a time, one day at a time. The year is rolling by gradually and a new one is coming. I think the year went by pretty fast, do you? Well, do all you can to make today worthwhile. A couple of todays is the future you and I waited for. Take each day as it comes and build substantial todays for the future you want. The future is today. Make it count!

On becoming;

If we were to get to a certain stage in our lives and have nothing more to reach forward to, if we could say, “we have gotten there”, then what would be the point in a life full of many years with the best behind us and nothing else to reach out to in the future. Life is a journey. Each day gone is a stop over, a sleep in, a new town. Every day is an opportunity to be better, to dare for more, to reach out for better, to do more, to be more, to give more! There’s always something higher to achieve, a new goal to reach, an achievement to surpass, an invention to be made, a record to break. Enjoy the process, live through the process, live in the process. Don’t wait to become. Be!!!




Love, The Quiet One.

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