“Beauty” Is Only Skin Deep.

“Beauty” Is Only Skin Deep.

A man in Algeria recently filed a lawsuit against his newlywed bride for “fradulence” after seeing her without makeup. I was appalled at first when I read the news online. I mean, how possible is it that you had never seen a bare faced version of your wife-to-be before walking down the aisle?! According to the online source, the wife, if found guilty by a court, will be reportedly paying well over 20,000USD for “psychological suffering”.
Spare me, please! I can’t stop laughing!

There’s been a huge increase in demand on the makeup industry in the last couple of years. A while back, a makeup artist was a young girl who wasn’t doing too well in school and was looking for an easy passport to fame or fortune.
She was the unserious sibling and the black sheep of the family who had decided “to bring disgrace to the family name”. Trust Nigerian parents to take this very personally.
Today? Hmmmm. Help me complete my line of thought. From the main boss herself, Tara Fela-Durotoye to countless others making their mark in the industry or trying to make us believe they are.(Someone said to me one day, ” what is it sef; every young lady in Lagos is a makeup artist!”)
As with everything, new fads, techniques, products have ammased the market making perfection easier to attain. Self help videos, makeup trainings, you name it. The average Nigerian lady can and will make herself as flawless as she possibly can.
And as with everything, the onslaught especially from the male folk has been “it”; for lack of an appropriate word. From the natural soft, breezy looks that make it hard for the guys to tell a lady is even wearing makeup to the glaring, bizzare and yet amazing transformations we see makeup artists perform with their brushes.

But really, my point is; is it really deceit; when a girl, with the aid of makeup looks exceptionally beautiful than she normally would? There’s the religious twist to it as well; is it demonic? I mean, Satan is the father of lies isn’t it? Is it necessary? Does it really matter what I look like with or without some liner and false lashes?

This is me (before and after) in a shoot for my lovely friend utchaypro.com

I like to think about things differently. And I like to think about makeup as an art. I love makeup. I use makeup.

I like to see it used nicely on a woman’s face. And I respect women like Tara who turned her passion into a thriving business enterprise that is not only creating profit but creating and reproducing results in lives as well.

images (15)  So. I see a makeup artist as that. An artist. And the human face as his/her canvas. An artist’s canvas is usually a bland material – boring, uneventful, basic, plain, meaningless, flat. Then he fuses in some colors and brush strokes and hints and shadows, creating depth, meaning, value, art.

If we appreciate that, why not this? When we think of paintings like the Mona Lisa or The Last Supper, we do not think of how deceitful the artist was in not leaving the piece of wood as natural as it were. We appreciate the work, and the effort that has been put into creating it. We try to imagine what the artist must have been thinking, why he made this piece, what it means or represents or the story he is trying to tell in a single piece of art.

When women wear makeup, I believe it basically portrays our desire as mini creators to make beautiful things out of ordinary raw materials. And we want to capture the colors and precision and art in pictures that are as eternal like the Mona Lisa.

And I see nothing wrong with that.

images (14)

“Let not yours be the [merely] external adorning of the hair, the wearing of jewelry, or the change of clothes.” (Amplified version)

In 1st Peter 3: 3-4, Peter talks to the women in the congregation about the right way to be beautiful and I agree. I’m not all for facial beauty. Anyone can be beautiful these days. I mean, anyone. If seeing a lady without makeup is your idea of knowing her well, good luck to you. Makeup or not, the characters we have built over the years, our convictions, our belief systems, how we treat people, who we are, those are the things that matter and determine who we spend our lives with or not.

Life is all about balance. You have to find a balance point in everything. I do not agree that makeup should be used to completely alter appearances. It was made to enhance a woman’s natural features.

Beauty is not beautiful anymore if it’s trying too hard.

Share your thoughts; what do you think about makeup and the average 21st century woman?

Love, The Quiet One.

10 thoughts on ““Beauty” Is Only Skin Deep.”

  • Miss Cosy that’s correct it takes confidence, appreciation and acceptance of oneself to present a self that is beyond makeup. I luv ur thoughts and the way you present them. Keep it up. God bless you

  • Beauty is truly skin deep and no matter what make up you wear the best type of make up is character. Knowing a person better can make the physical beauty appreciate or diminish in your eyes. Beauty fades but the beauty within stays on with you.

  • Well articulated, the truth is we all know that beauty is in character but how many of us actually see character in beauty and beauty in character. Do we really even look for beauty now or what we can get from beauty? What actually constitute beauty because everyone sees it from his own point of view and argues that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Can you please throw a little light on the relationship between object of beauty and subject of beauty. Because that is where our problem lies. How many ladies will be OK going out with their guy not at the exact time fixed rather than keeping African time just to physically make her point but internally make herself cheap. Ours is a cosmetic age where ladies want guys to like their lipstick more than the lips, the powder, not the face, the dress not the person in it.

    • Thanks James for reading! I’m not sure what you mean by object and subject of beauty but my point is this make up is not entirely bad and a pretty face has nothing to say about who someone is or what they are about. Guys could care less about what kind of lipstick you have on, but it all boils down to choices. For the guys, how ready are you to go beyond the makeup and know a lady and for the ladies how willing are you to be confident enough in who you are to be vulnerable about your appearance? I think that’s always the dilemma in the end, really.

  • Well written! I share in your thoughts.
    The real beauty of a person can be seen in his character. As cliché as it sounds, it holds true timelessly.

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