nOISESOFtheQuieTEoNE is a curation of TheQuietOne’s journeys, experiences and observations about women, the African culture, its evolution over the years and the pictures they help us paint in our everyday lives.

From issues bordering on the intricacies of femininity in an African society to evolving gender roles in the 21st century, TheQuietOne shares opinions, thoughts and personal experiences by way of writing in a bid to spark conversations and challenge outdated and harmful cultural norms and stereotypes.

She seeks to bring to fore the true meaning of the feminist struggle and gender issues that are shrouded in lots of controversies and still being perpetrated.

TheQuietOne is also on a journey to discovering and finding love in the city of Lagos as a JJC and loves to share her observations about love, relationships and dating in our technologically driven and quick-fix world.

Our narratives shape us; they shape the future of our children especially the ones yet unborn. It is our duty to tell timeless narratives that serve as guiding lights and glowing beacons for them.


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About Me

My name is Kosisochukwu Winifred Ugwuede. Ka o si so Chukwu is an Ibo sentence that loosely translates to "how it pleases God".

I write with the pseudonym Kay Ugwuede. There's only one of her world wide. :)

'Kay' is a Greek name that means ''Rejoice''. Initially, it was my way of shortening my long first Igbo name that was constantly being bastardised in my densely Yoruba location. ''Tosin'', ''Kosin'', ''Kosi'' which is Yoruba for ''No'' were some of the newer albeit annoying versions of my name I was called.

So I shortened it to Kay and stuck with it. And I'm glad it means something really nice. It also may mean Pure or Fiery in some languages but it's all great, yeah?