A Song For The Road.

A Song For The Road.


The gift of life is a gift of hope,

As day turns to night and night to day,

We know not what the next moment holds.

But we aspire, we desire, we work hard.

We dare to dream.

We dare to hope.

We dare to fight.

We dare to march.

We dare to conquer.

We dare to be successful.

Even in uncertainty, we dare.

Walking, running, flying, we even dare to crawl.



We dare to attain our dreams.

We dare to stand when we fall.

We dare to fight when we loose.

We dare for we are dreamers.

We dare for we are achievers.

We dare for we know, that the only one thing that can stop us is US.

Adversity is the killer of hope.

Failure the killer of dreams.

But we waver not, even in failure and in adversity.

For we are conquerors.

For we are victorious.

Even in failure,

We’ll never give up.

Because we have this single gift.

This gift that brings with it all other gifts,





Omotayo Akindipe: Economics Graduate, Music Lover, Inspiring Friend, and what do you know? Writer! I don’t remember how we got talking about featuring on my blog but he agreed to be part of it and mailed me a short, nice poem in two days after not writing for a long while! Tayo is a colleague and we sort of built our friendship out of his willingness to help me with something work related in a highly competitive environment that work had at that time. I feel its only someone secured enough in his abilities and potential that goes out of their way to do that for someone else. I hope I can draw a full article out of him next time!







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