More Than Words.

Gratitude                               Hey there!! It’s been a long long time. But I’m back again and this time, for good and for the long haul. A lot has happened just within this short while. Three months already. I added a year….and my younger sister as well and then my very good friend who thinks he is getting old, by the way(lol). And then a couple of other friends… Today is the presidential election in Nigeria. The air is tense and everyone is hopeful, first for the safety of the voters and everyone else and also for the next elected president and how better this nation would fare in the new regime. I’m also sure the same can be said of you…a lot of new things and happenings, and disappointments as well(it’s all part of it), a lot of headway in achieving your goals and dreams this year and a lot of new relationships and old ones that did finally end already or got reinkindled.

Okay. This is the point where I confess I finally have a first hand experience of ”Writer’s Block”. The point where you feel little or no inspiration to come up with something meaningful and it seems your muse just skipped out on you when you finally thought you got it in a beautiful cage!

I’m not going to dwell on that- my mind has a way of spiralling things way out of proportion- so I’m just going to share something little with you today on ”words”! They say you should take advice from those qualified to give it and I do not claim any sort of special qualification or training to be able to give a lecture of some sort on communication. And I won’t. But when it comes to words, we assume it’s the women who drink in the words and need a constant dose of it. Yes, women live and breath kind and lovey dovey words, but what about the guys? They are human too. And they are also emotional beings. They may not be as emotional as the women but it doesn’t make them more or less deserving of kind, lovey dovey words. In fact, I feel men deserve to hear more words of encouragement and respect and admiration than we normally say to them. Yes they all move around like human robots ready to take on the world and do the impossible but in truth they are flesh and blood, with red(emphasis on the colourlol) blood running through their veins and beating hearts- and emotions.


I loved a man once and I never told him so(well, not as often as I should have). I admired his wisdom and his heart and I didn’t tell him that often. I loved his humour and his values and I didn’t say that enough. Ladies, someone out there who is more vocal and fluid and smart will use her words to get to his heart and his head- if you don’t. It’s one thing for someone to know how you feel about them; it is another thing if you do not reinstate these feelings with what you say. You don’t have to say ” I love you” a million times a day but you have to say it(and you had better mean it too). You don’t have to say ”I miss you” every time they are away but you have to say it and mean it too. See when I get it all wrapped up about not bothering with words(I’m weird like that), I like to remind myself that the next person is neither a witch, a seer nor a mind reader. So if I want them to know what’s  going on in my head then I have to say something! I think that works all the time.

Words aren’t just that. They are tools as well. With them we can build trust, love, respect, admiration, fear, name it. With them we can heal or hurt or manipulate, you name it. It’s not just words…it’s always more than words. What do you do with yours?

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