Women, Love, Life and In-betweens

Quiet One || Noisy Pen

My name is Kosisochukwu Winifred Ugwuede. I am a Freelance Writer, Content Creator and Editor. I write with the pseudonym ”Kay Ugwuede”. I currently produce and curate print and video content for BusinessDay Media Limited. You can look through my work portfolio here.

I live in the eccentric city of Lagos, the land of weird parallels and ironies. I’ve lived her for three years and four years ago, I wouldn’t have thought to move to a place like Lagos and try to make it home. But it is home for me now, or at least is in the process of becoming home and I share some of that ongoing experience here and here.

I am inspired by everyday living in Lagos, the intricacies of being a woman in Lagos, the cultural melting pot that this city is,  inter-human relationships in all its forms, society, governance, and gender issues.